Children’s Day | How did 300-month-old kids rave?

June 02,2018 No comments

When we were a child,

The most favorite game we play,

is to imitate adults play house,

The most favorite snack,

is to eat small spicy strips hiding from our parents,

The most favorite toys collection,

is simply a small card in crisp instant noodles.


At that time happy is very simple,

Playing a small game, eating a packet of small snacks can be happy for a long time.


Today, some competent parents went home to accompany their children. And a group of old babies , more than 300 months old, played crazy in office.

(Those one who go out, you missed a carnival)


Pick toothpicks, kick shuttlecock, cockfighting…

Every game is full of childhood atmosphere.

Pick a toothpick and get the toothpick without touching other toothpicks.

Today’s building blocks might based on this game.

Although the game is difficult, there are also techniques, bold and careful.

Especially brush less Shakes.

Cockfighting, from the three armies face each other for a long time to the two armies confront each other. After a yell, we started fighting.

It’s a super funny scene.

Maybe we will not forget many years later,

Look, the joy of childhood has never been lost.

When we were young, we girls love to play shuttlecock.

Nowadays boys also play shuttlecock well.

A big meal in McDonald’s only can be get unless we get a good school grade in our childhood.

The game console is a luxury toy that we must played secretly and can not let our parents know.

The game music of tetris swelled and took us to the past time.

Played games, eat snacks and won prizes,

Each activity took us back to our children’s time traversing through time and space.

Today we recalled and played again the games enjoyed in childhood.

Trying to looking for simple and beautiful happiness in childhood.

Do not forget our happy children’s time.

And wish we will be really happy today.


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