God knows what we’ve been through in America!

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Last week, some members of Foreign Trade Department from Grand Fly went to Chicago for a three-day Global Shop 2018, a tradeshow for global retail packaging and printing . It’s not only a opportunity to present Grand Fly to the world, but also a good chance to actively open the door to absorb the essence of retail filed in the world.

This afternoon, the above partners to Chicago exhibition overcome the jet lag to hold a sharing meeting.


During the meeting, they summarized some of the considerations for the Chicago global shop 2018 trip, including how to make the booth design more eye – catching; How to keep the best state to meet every day of the exhibition and so on.

The entrance of Global shop2018

The layout and design of Grand Fly’s booth


There was only one male colleague of this journey. The design of our booth was slightly more complicated. The board were all designed with honeycomb panels. Fortunately, we got help from other people during setting up our booth. Otherwise, this guy is estimated to be tired out.

Answer international clients’ enquiry


In fact, the hardest part of this exhibition is not to move up and down heavy things. The hardest part is that during the show, you have to work on the condition of time difference (Chicago is less than 13 hours less than Beijing). It also means that our little partners should work all through night. Every day is busy day that without a stop. But these do not matter, , everything is worth it as long as these can get customers approval.

Banana-shaped Dump bin

Marvelous cardboard model pallet display

Innovative cardboard displays

Cafe Shop booth ( All are made of cardboard)


The booth with American antique flavour


Open eyes to the world, we not only had gained the display technology in this exhibition,but also had broaden our horizons. Though I did not join this American trip, it is real interesting for us to co-share,I think. From pictures they depicted and their description, it seems i was in with them.



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