Good project start with good luck!

February 27,2018 No comments

After a leisure Spring Festival, it’s time to get back and focus on your job.

As a Chinese proverb going, Make your whole year’s plans in spring. The beautiful sunshine in spring will lead you on the road to a bright future.

Keep in mind what President Xi says in New Year’s greeting party:

Fighting for your goal is a kind of happiness, only a fighting life can be regard as a happy life.

Think about all the promises you’ve made, it’s time to chase for the target from the brand new  beginning.

Cheer up!
Keep calm and work hard!

Grand Fly officially open on Feb 23th.
Following the traditional custom, the boss is giving the “Lucky red envelop” to every Grand Flyer, deliver the wishing of good luck and harmony.

We shall have another big year in 2018.



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