Merry Christmas——“Happy Journey to treasure hunt”

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The end of year is always the time to say good bye towards the last year and look ahead to new year. we hold a party that have nothing to do with that yesterday.

As our usual practice, all colleagues in office took part in a Grand Christmas Party , and the theme is “Happy Journey to treasure hunt”. All guys must try to earn the suggestive cards to find gifts that had hidden somewhere before by wining the games.

The Christmas tree was made of corrugated paper. I have to say it looks very special and beautiful. (LOL…)


First, host introduced the party process in humour.  It did work to enliven the atmosphere by her expression( it is, quite, simply a moving emoji…). Three leaders were chosen to form three teams respectively: Team Red, Team Yellow,and Team Blue. When all has been prepared well, the game stared!

The first game is “hanging bottles”. Each terms’ delegate was tied a rope on the waist. The other side of the rope tied a short pencil. They must move their waist to put the pencil into the bottle and hanging bottle up. The one who use the least time is the game winner. The point of wining the game ups to strength of your waist, patience, accuracy and…and how ungainly you act!

This chap, has good waist force, stability, precision. Even though got the second price, he acted as he was the king.

Ladies can not help but to praise him by electing the “Middle Fingers”.

The second game was “close contact”.

Simply, participators used the straw to pass the rubber band.

“Swallow, guys! We are going to start!”

The leader of the lost team would turn circles, and then had to walk in a straight line.

Did not look down on this game(Touching the nose and turning around).

You were the king if you didn’t fall in a faint  after 10 circles according to the rule.

The last game was half yuan. ( boy represents 1 yuan and girl represents 0.5 yuan)

What made me surprised was that someone asked that: whether the big guy could be considered as three yuan?  What the hell??

An afternoon tea is indispensable for the party. Matcha cake, snowman cake, Madelyn etc, those were all hand-made cupcake, as well as a bunch of fruits, which were beautiful enough to feast the eyes of foodaholic .

The team who won in the final game got rewards for every teammates.


The last item of the activity is gifts exchange, which is the best and warmhearted part for the Christmas Party every year. It’s not only a gift that exchanged, but also a good wish from every colleague when they prepared the gifts.

There are all kinds of gifts : poetic books, handmade paintings, spoof toys, and facial mask…

The most impressive thing is that a man sent an electric hair roll, and it could be said to be very thoughtful.

A hand-painted oil painting from a lovely girl


2017 Grand Fly Christmas party has reached the end, the greatest harvest from the party was neither gifts nor happiness, but everyone’s emoji…




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