Mother’s Day | To dye a shopping bag for your mother

May 15,2018 No comments

Today is a special day for all mothers , still get bothered by gifts this year ? What’re you going to send to your mother ? Lipsticks, clothes, necklace? It seem she doesn’t need any of these, plus she may not like your taste…

Why not DIY a gift for her ! The gifts that made by children’s hands can express more gratitude and love to mothers.

This time kids of Grand Fly are making something different, a shopping bag and a kerchief dyed by our own .

Tie-dyeing is a traditional folk dyeing process in China. It contains two steps. Tieing and dyeing.

To keep the part that needed in original color, we assist tools like yarns, hemp ropes and rubber bands to do the following.

First of all, creating all kinds of different shapes with their rich imagination, no one knows what will be happened but all of us still curious with the unknown results.

Secondly, put all the works into the cold water and soak them carefully; Last but not last, immerse the cloth on the dyed hot water, stirring slowly and kindly wait for 30 minutes then remove the rubber bands and make them clean.

All are done. We get our own shopping bags with happiness and joyfulness. At the same time , We wonder that how would our mother thought when she gets the special Mother Day gift.

After washing, We take it out to dry. The colleagues communicate with each other for the production experience and review whose works is best.

When we Looking at the Square scarf waving in the wind, our heart was full of happiness as it was made by our own hands.

By organizing this event on Mother’s Day, we not only reached out to the tie-dyeing technique, but also tried to create something through our hands and conveyed to mothers the love that we can’t express in words.

Grandfly Display wish all over the world mothers a happy mother’s day, happiness and health in future!


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