New Auto scrap-eliminating Die-cutting Equipment Comes

April 20,2018 No comments

In order to meet the growing number of orders from customers and make up for the deficiency of inefficiency of production, our company purchased a new type of automatic Auto scrap-eliminating die-cutting equipment at late March 2018.

The maximum die-cutting width of this equipment is 1620×1190mm, and the die-cutting speed reaches 3,600 pieces per hour. After being put into use, the equipment has greatly improved the state of low productivity by replacing artificial scrapping. The entire production process has become smoother and production efficiency has been improved several times!

The products processed by the die cutting machine are more stable in quality. In a sense, the equipment makes the process more environmentally friendly, can reduce the damage rate, which greatly improve the product quality. At the same time it reduce the waste of raw materials. After several days of trial operation, the equipment is operating normally.

We are convinced that the innovation can drive the progress of the industry. We will continue to introduce high-tech equipment into production, shorten the overall production time, and provide more reliable cardboard displays and packaging products.


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