PacificRim: Uprising Film Board

April 10,2018 No comments

The Pacific Rim 2 has been premiered on March 23. However, according to the statistics from and other websites, it seems that the reaction of Pacific Rim 2 is not good as the Pacific Rim 1 and some users even tiered with its BGM. But obviously, no matter what’s your attitude towards the Season 2, I believe that the efforts people have made from early post-shooting and then special effects processing to the final promotion should be acknowledged.

We designed and produced the movie standee for” Pacific Rim” recently. From the aspect of film distribution, it is only one of the promotional props, but there are highly demanding for the fault-tolerance rate and timeliness.

The process from design to production still appear vividly before us, as we paid a lot of energy to this project. We need to double-check all of the detail information and the data to make sure there is no error. After our professional designer’s perfecting for the design, it’s time to share our achievement with every one!

Designers analyzing structure

Printing machine and Color matching desk.

Workers are packing for the standees,

Finished products to be delivered to national major cinemas.

With the premiere of Pacific Rim 2, the Pacific Rim’s movie standees that produced by Grand Fly are displayed in all major cinemas. It brought lots of attraction to the movie, and I believe Mecha fans won’t miss the wonderful moment at the cinema.



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