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You Can Have Your POP/POS Displays Pre Filled or Flat Packed.

Flat-pack: to pack 1 or several sets of displays into one carton with assembly instruction sheet. Normally the assembly time is about 2 – 7 minutes for clients.

Flat Pack

Pre-filled pack: Mainly to deliver the fully-assembled display to client’s factory for them to fill in the goods. Or clients send the goods to us and allow us to assemble the display and fill in the goods directly.

Pre-filled pack

A great number of retailers now insist on their PoP/PoS display units being delivered pre-filled to their stores, one of the reasons being that it is very often cheaper than using a merchandising team to fill the display in store.

However, it may be that it is more effective for you to have your display units manufactured and delivered to you, or your client, flat packed or bulk packed for ease.

You can choose to have our team fill them for you, have them delivered to you for filling and onward delivery or delivered direct to store for filling in store. Whatever is needed, we can help you with the right service for your needs.

Your products/accessories might be manufactured in several places in China. We could custom your POS Displays according to your products’ feature, and ship it flat-packed/pre-assembled to your factory which allows the factory to pack and deliver the goods as per your requirement.

Of course, you can also send the goods to our factory and we’ll maintain the whole procedure include designing, manufacturing, packaging, assembling and delivering.

Located close by the Shenzhen port, it’s very convenient for us to ex-port you goods with the POS display and save your cost.

With assembled and pre-loaded promotional displays, Grand Fly relocates value added tasks at the source of your products manufacturing, ready for worldwide distribution & great sales!

Our Assembly Services Including:

  • Storage of displays and goods
  • Filling of individual displays by goods
  • Placement on small pallets
  • Load and packing on standard pallets
  • Transport tests
  • Storage of ready pallets
  • Shipping



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