The ordinary and greatness of the working people

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Doctors are in the first line of saving death and injury, soldiers are in the  first line of guarding the country, teachers are in the first line of knowledge education, parents are in the first line of raising children… People will have identity as long as they are alive, and each identity gives different sense of mission.

Grand Fly also has a group of people who are always ready to be on the first line of production. They are our lovely workmates.

They are all ordinary labors. Dongguan, where we call the “world factory” has many works that has simial experience. There are more or less stories about them,
the imprint of their foreheads and their eyes indicates they have gone through a certain period of time.

Those workers who moved from Shenzhen along with our new factory to Dongguan. They are responsible to their jobs such as working overtime because of the increasing orders, trying hard to finish the orders within the lead time and controlling the quality from printing to packing to meet all of our clients’ expectations.

If the company is a big machine, they are all screws. Companies can hardly operate without them. Thank all of them for always accompany with Grand Fly.

It is a common believe that only those whom could fly an airplane, making bullets or studying the China Core would be regarded as great men.

However, for Grandfly, the workers who from different provinces around Gunagdong are the key to the operating and expansion of the company. We are much appreciated for their efforts!

Back in hometown, they are also playing children and parents roles, to raise both the elder and the children, no matter how heavy the pressure is, they hardly to get a break, cause they are the hope of the family.

They’ve done their best to helping the company move forward, standing up for their family, they all deserve applause.

It’s Labor Day, we thank them for their hard-working and believe that Grand Fly will be the proud of this industry with these lovely people.





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