Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

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In the early summer, there is a great time here. Over the weekend, we organized a two-day expansion of “Island Survival” to experience a real version of “PUBG” on dalajia island. However, there was no such fierce fighting in the game and no edible chickens.


This activity mainly focuses on “team, growth, and breakthroughs” for outreach training. Through training, everyone is able to understand survival in this “micro-society” and understand the rules for growth between teams.


In a team, everyone has their own personality. When the personality of a person conflicts with the  personality of another person, most people will choose to follow their own personality, because they did not find the commonality of the team.


Call together


Have to figure out to the wharf without money and cellphone  .

Seeking “business opportunity”

Earning travelling expenses

Wow, it does work to earn money by this way

Have arrived wharf to take speed boat

Reach the desert island and set up tents.

Play a game to gain freshwater that these two days needs by seawater.

Only things on your body is available to get water.


Drill wood to make fire.

Never know that the basic skills of primitive humans to take fire is so difficult, and the life of modern society is so happy!


We drill from the midday to nightfall, there are so many times smoke start and sparkle but finally extinguished. Many times, the hopes turned to disappointed.  It’s hard to erpress the bitterness.

After dark, it finally started the fire and began cooking!


After dinner, it was a bonfire party.


The rising bonfire ignited the multi-talented and sultry hearts of the young partners. Someone had a string of songs; some were singing towards the waves; some had improvised an English poetry recitation.




At 7 am., the sea breeze was blowing and it was raining. After a short training session, the main event was ushered in – hiking around the island, climbing cliffs and mountains. We all can do this.

Standing on the hill, the scenery is so beautiful and all exhaustion was swept away when overlooking the magnificent seascape.


In the mid-afternoon, We returned to the camp and tested everyone’s teamwork ability people through a small bottle-throwing game.

▲ The losing team will be punished.

Work together to pile sand sculptures.


When the event is nearing the end, we made exchanges and sharing the two-day experience.

Someone learned how to manage the team. Someone improved their execution. Someone knew that trying and persisting can stimulate potential.

All in all, you can do what you afraid to do called breakthrough, and you can do what you cannot do called grow up.



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